Outer Aisle CSA and Food Hub

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a program where you receive produce from our farm and other farms within our region year round. It is a movement to bring agriculture to you and your family and in turn support the development of agriculture in our region.

Ready to start receiving a weekly or bi-weekly order? Great! You can sign-up on-line by clicking  HERE

Our delivery service will give you a constant supply of fresh, local produce to neighborhoods just like yours through our Food Hub network. We currently have drop off locations in Calaveras, Tuolumne and Amador counties. For assistance learning more about Outer Aisle CSA and Food Hub please see the links below, or contact our program manager, Christine, via (209)-728-9112, or via email at outeraisle@gmail.com .

Here at Outer Aisle we are all about providing fresh, local and seasonal produce year round for all who want it. We are currently applying to be certified organic but until we get certified we cannot use the “o” word. However, our practices have always been spray and pesticide free and over the 20 years of growing food we have never had to rely on chemicals period! We use Diestel compost and other natural fertilizers to augment our soil and provide optimum nutrition for the plants we grow. From season to season our selection varies and at times we rely on produce grown by other farmers (all of which are certified organic). Our procurement run is limited to a 150 mile radius to offer only the best every time.


  • designed to save you time and money!
    • Our varied produce selection and sizing takes the chore out of planning, shopping and we deliver to you at NO EXTRA COST.
    • It is our experience that eating local seasonal produce gives us more energy now and less medical expenses down the road.
    • We send weekly recipe and menu ideas to help make food prep easier.
    • We offer substitutions for items that you don’t want or have plenty left over from a previous delivery.
    • We allow you to auto-pay, pay-as-you-go, or pay in advance–whatever works best for your budget and lifestyle!
  • tailored to your household’s daily lifestyle.  Check out our sizings.
  • great for supplementing your home garden or your community’s farmers market off-seasons.
  • delivered to a convenient location near you! Check out our drop off locations.
  • ready for you to sign-up TODAY.
  • a great way to restore a balanced, healthy, joyful lifestyle.
  • a great way to support your local food shed and promote food independence!
  • Ready to start receiving a weekly or bi-weekly order? Great! You can sign-up on-line by clicking  HERE