Outer Aisle CSA

The voices are strong and dependable – the urgency is great as is the momentum, but the rhythm is still the natural rhythm: the slow breathing of calmness and patience as we tackle this very real global crisis. Our main suppliers have this to say:

How much the world has changed in the last month. Like you, we are concerned for our family and friends. That includes all of you!  Your welfare, health and continued success are extremely important to everyone at Coke Farm.  We are so grateful to be part of an industry that feeds people during these trying times. We and every person in this county are going to continue to eat every day. We will remain open and we will continue to sell produce grown by our community of organic farmers….We want to weather this storm with you and keep our businesses strong throughout this unprecedented global crisis. Thank for putting your trust in us and for supporting our family farms. Please stay healthy, Christine and Dale Coke”

We continue to reach out and be reached by farmers in our local region as they re-arrange their lives to meet the needs of our community. Gardens and crops are being planted and a system like ours is the perfect model to meet the demands of a growing CSA movement. You can read about our site and delivery precautions we are taking with the outbreak of CO-VID 19 here.

Do you love to cook, want to eat healthy, local and seasonal? Are you intrigued by unusual vegetables and eager to try new things? Are you open to a new way of shopping and eating? Are you excited to get out of a cooking rut and want to experiment with new recipes and ideas? If your answer is in the affirmative then our program may just be what you are looking for.

Become part of a growing national movement to eat locally and support your hard working farmers. Our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program is a year round service providing delicious fresh seasonal produce boxes. Our unique program offers flexibility, it’s designed to make eating fun, exciting and it’s naturally nutritious for you and your family.

  • designed to save you time:
    • Our varied produce selection and sizing takes the chore out of planning, shopping and we deliver to you at no extra cost.
  • flexible and easy to maintain:
    • We offer substitutions for items that you don’t want or have plenty left over from a previous delivery.
    • We allow you to auto-pay, pay-as-you-go, or pay in advance–whatever works best for your budget and lifestyle!
  • educational:
    • Recipe ideas, tips and notes from the farm.
    • learn to cook with vegetables you wouldn’t have otherwise.
  • sized to suit your household.  Check out our sizings.
  • great for supplementing your home garden or farmers market off-season.
  • delivered to a convenient location near you! Check out our drop off locations.
  • ready for you to sign-up TODAY.
  • a great way to restore a balanced, healthy, joyful lifestyle.
  • a great way to support your local food shed and promote food independence!
  • Ready to start receiving a bi-weekly (every other week) order? Great! You can sign-up on-line by clicking  HERE


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