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We offer a seasonal bag of produce bi-weekly year-round. Many folks take advantage of the opportunity to support local agriculture, get what is truly in season and good tasting. A regular delivery ensures that you and your family are cooking and eating fresh produce full of nutrition and life on a constant basis. Knowing where your food comes from and how it is handled, what care goes into growing it and the connection gained from such knowledge is invaluable in today’s “fast food culture”.

As farmers for over 25 years we know quality, variety and seasonality like the back of our hands. Our growing methods, care of the land and soil, saving seed and selecting the tastiest of varieties has nurtured a “foodie” revival that many can’t live without.

We have heard from many subscribers that getting their CSA box of produce is the highlight of the week and delightfully reminds them of opening up a present, excited to see what gems are hidden inside. To sum it up, a member wrote: “Since getting vegetables and fruit from Outer Aisle I have changed the way I choose my weekly menus. I used to select recipes then go to the store for ingredients. Now I get the ingredients and plan my meals according to what is fresh, seasonal and local. This has allowed me to widen the scope of my culinary experience and to incorporate different elements that I may not have used in the past.”

box of veggiesWe have come to realize over the years that not every lifestyle is suited to getting a box of produce and our busy lives sometimes prevent us from spending time in the kitchen cooking and no one likes to see things go to waste. We believe that even the busiest of lifestyles allows for at least one or two evenings a week spent in the kitchen cooking. Cooking with a seasonal array of fresh produce and venturing into the unknown with the produce leading the way is deeply rewarding and even fun! So if you are up for the challenge, give it a go – our no obligation subscription may just get you doing a little more cooking and that’s a good thing!


Standard Bi-weekly Fruit & Vegetables ($40): Suited for a family size of 2 – 4 people for 10 days or more. This size comes with a combination of vegetables 2/3rds and fruit 1/3rd.

Standard Bi-weekly Vegetables Only ($40): Suited for a family size of 2 – 4 people for 10 days or more. Loaded with variety and quantity.

Foodies Box ($60): Suited for the committed cook and produce lover, plenty to feed a family of 4 – 6. Vegetables and fruit

Box fee of $1 per delivery is charged to cover the cost of the box.

PICKUP POINTS: Thursday bi-weekly (every other)

Don’t see a pickup spot near you? Please inquire – we are always adding new pickup points. We offer businesses with 4 or more employees their own drop off. We also do private residences for those less mobile for an extra $5 (they must be on our route to qualify for this extra service).


  • Achieving Balance Chiropractic, Martell
  • Scott Harvey Wines, Sutter Creek
  • Health Habit, Valley Springs
  • Moke Hill Elementary


  • Resource Connection, San Andreas
  • Calaveras Lumber, Angels Camp
  • Private residence, Saddlecreek, Copperopolis
  • Outer Aisle Venue
  • SNAC, Arnold
  • Bear Valley
  • Moke Hill Elementary


  • Family Resource Center, Jamestown Elementary School
  • Chicken Ranch Tribal Office, Jamestown
  • Mountain Sage, Groveland
  • Twain Harte Fitness, Twain Harte
  • Sonora Sport and Fitness, East Sonora
  • Smith Chiropractic, Downtown Sonora
  • Condor Engineering, Columbia
  • 7th Day Adventist Residential Housing
  • SRMC (only for employees)
  • Dr Jaggy’s Holistic Center, Columbia


We send out an email on Monday night/Tuesday morning letting you know what’s in your bag this week as well as substitution items. We realize that not everyone likes all vegetables, or at times one gets overloaded so we’ve created a way in which you can send back an email requesting we switch out an item for you. In the email you’ll also see recipes as well as an Add-On list of available produce items that may or may not be in your bag this week. And again, simply reply to the email and let us know what you’d like added on, we’ll complete the order and charge your account. Simple and convenient!


Simply log into your account using your email and password and set a vacation, change a subscription or location.


We are an obligation free service. Upon sign-up if you should choose to do the recurring payment option the software program is set up to pay one time ahead. If you should wish to cancel your subscription then please notice us by email or phone. If there is any credit on your account we will mail you a check.

SIGN UP using our online accounting system called Farmigo. The system will set you up with an account, link a recurring payment for ultimate ease, allow you to set vacations and change your subscription. You can also call Christine at 209/728-9112 and even sign up over the phone.

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