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Ready to start receiving a weekly or bi-weekly order? Great! You can sign-up on-line by clicking  HERE.

If you’d like to view sizing, delivery locations as well as more detailed information. And remember, just shoot us an email or give us a call if you have any questions or ever need to place a hold on your deliveries.
CSA/Food Hub cell (209)-728-9112

box of veggies

Summer Bounty

Busy lifestyle? Perfect! Our shares do the heavy lifting for you. Take the guess work out of meal planning with one of our weekly produce deliveries. You receive a list of what’s coming each time to help you plan accordingly. Not only do we provide great new recipes to try but we also do the shopping and driving for you at no extra charge! –Saving you precious time and money!

Allergies or Picky eaters? No problem! You can request to switch out items in your bag free of charge and add-on as many items as you would like. Want even more control of your order? Try our Personal Shopper option.

Travel frequently? Our Personal Shopper option makes it easier than ever for you to get food only on YOUR schedule. Just sign up, and then reply to the weekly email when you want to receive an order.

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