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The farm is where it all starts. Growing food is our mission and passion; getting food to you that is diverse and delivered fresh is our goal. Whether you visit our restaurant to dine, shop our farmstand in Douglas Flat, join to receive deliveries through our CSA/Food Hub or book us for your next catering event you are in for a real treat. Our commitment to flavor, quality and healthy eating are values that we uphold from the soil to your fork. You can read our story here.

Eating seasonally and simply is what author and Chef Alice Waters of Chef Panise says is a “delicious revolution”. (The Art to Simple Food, 2007)

We invite you to explore healthy seasonal eating and enjoy the vitality and nourishment that is gifted when you choose food that is grown and prepared with love.

We look forward to being of service to you!

Christine, Eric and Outer Aisle Team

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