Outer Aisle Food Hub

2020 was the year for clear vision and

2021 is the year for clear action!


We are super excited that our business model is meeting the needs of the 21st century and ahead of it’s time. It is the perfect solution to a future of uncertainty, increased health risks and volatile economics. Eating  nutritious and delicious produce is clear action; one that is good for the gut, great for the mind and literally grounds our economy.

Outer Aisle offers both Subscription boxes in a variety of sizes and combo’s as well as our newly created “al la carte” Personal Shopper option. Our expanded web store is open to all subscribers and stocked with fresh foods, dairy, protein, nuts, grains and beans. When you shop the “outer aisle” you’ll only find the highest quality organic ingredients.

Read more about our various options: Here

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Experience and enjoy fresh ingredients for everyday eating within our food shed, complementing the season, and nourishing your body!

Our continued commitment to empowering a thriving local food system has us teaming up with other local and regional farmers. A move we have been waiting to make for many years and finally it’s here!

We invite you to be part of this impressive movement and as Alice Waters so aptly claimed it’s “a delicious revolution” at that.

Despite some postponements we are offering minimal catering primarily take-out for larger groups with $1000 minimums. And our beautiful venue will reopen to Foodie Fridays as soon as things normalize.

You may read our COVID safety precautions here.

Our commitment to flavor, quality and healthy eating are values that we uphold from soil to service. You can read our story here.

Eric and Christine Taylor, Gardeners and Chefs

LOCATION: Outer Aisle Venue, 164 Highway 4, Murphys, CA 95247

Phone: 209/728-9112