Meet Our Founders

“Our love for the natural world and the great outdoors has been a driving force in our commitment and passion for agriculture.  Our neighbors were rural folk that lived off the land needing little but buckshot, salt and flour; we saw a window into a rural tradition that is now a relic of history.  We believe that the traditional market garden that supplied the local town folk with produce is a cornerstone to every community.”

Eric and Christine Taylor are a husband and wife team and the creators of Outer Aisle Foods, a dream that began with a pitch fork, $1000, a 3000 sq-ft home garden, a love for great food, and a down-to-earth lifestyle over 20 years ago.  Today, their business incorporates not only their farm, a thriving produce stand, Community Supported Agriculture, and a full-service catering company. Our modern state of the art building in Murphys offers a place where celebrations, workshops and fun food related events are held. You’ll find our produce stand, pop-up dinners and other events hosted throughout the year.

For upcoming events visit our facebook page: Outer Aisle Catering

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