Our History


“Our love for the natural world and the great outdoors has been a driving force in our commitment and passion for agriculture.  Our neighbors were rural folk that lived off the land needing little but buckshot, salt and flour; we saw a window into a rural tradition that is now a relic of history.  We believe that the traditional market garden that supplied the local town folk with produce is a cornerstone to every community.”

Eric and Christine Taylor are a husband and wife team and the creators of Outer Aisle Foods, a dream that began with a pitch fork, $1000, a 3000 sq-ft home garden, a love for great food, and a down-to-earth lifestyle over 30 years ago.  Today, their business incorporates not only their farm, a thriving Food Hub servicing 200 members and a full-service catering company. Our modern state of the art building in Murphys offers a place where celebrations, workshops and fun food related events are held. You’ll find our produce stand, pop-up dinners and other events hosted throughout the year.

As farmers we know quality, variety and seasonality like the back of our hands. Our growing methods, care of the land and soil, saving seed and selecting the tastiest of varieties has nurtured a “foodie” revival that many can’t live without.

We have reached a pivotal moment in Outer Aisle’s 33 year history. A long slow tortoise like trajectory in pioneering organic produce in our region has finally risen to it’s full potential. Our commitment to evolving Outer Aisle Food Hub’s “far-sighted” model of a regional food distribution network is now poised to reach a critical mass. This has the potential to ignite a local food revolution and become a prominent business model for the 21st century. Please read our blog on this very subject.

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