The Blacktail Mountain Watermelon

The Blacktail Mountain watermelon is the perfect refrigerator size, that’s if you don’t devour the entire melon in one sitting. Not hard to do when it’s a 100 degrees and you’re looking for that perfect hydrating fruit. Nutritionally it is up there in Lycopene content with tomatoes. Check out this website for more information on just how healthy watermelon is for you.

Blacktail is a modern open-pollinated watermelon variety that was originally bred by a young boy of 17, Glenn Drowns, in 1979. We’ve grown this exceptional watermelon for several years and a couple of years ago created a public seed saving event by giving the watermelon away with the caveat that folks would enjoy and spit the seeds out, save them and return to us. We still have a generous supply of seeds that will keep us in watermelons for several years to come.

“Blacktail Mountain is quintessential watermelon. This dark green cannon ball is shot full of flavor. Its dense scarlet flesh is sweet, juicy and crunchy. . . . . The quintessential icebox watermelon that sets the standard for flavor.”  

Amy Goldman,  Melons for the Passionate Grower.

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