How to store produce (without using plastic!)

Save your produce and keep them fresh using each type of vegetable or fruit’s natural growth instincts! The following is a list I put together on my own blog showcasing how to work with your produce and keep them fresh.

Deconstruction Crafts

The following is borrowed from the Ecology Center here in Berkeley, who puts together the lusciously abundant Berkeley Farmers Markets three times a week. They’ve made a commitment to being plastic free (Heck ya!) and share the tips below in their brochure on how to take care of produce without plastic. For more at home tips for not using plastic, I highly recommend visiting Beth Terry’s My Plastic Free Life as an amazing resource for living a life free of toxins, pollutants, and high energy wasting plastics.


Artichokes‐ place in an airtight container sealed, with light moisture.

Asparagus‐ place them loosely in a glass or bowl upright with water at room temperature. (Will keep for a week outside the fridge)

Avocados‐ place in a paper bag at room temp. To speed up their ripening‐ place an apple in the bag with them.

Arugula‐ arugula, like…

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